How does Remoovaz work?

Simply select the service you require, provide the details of your request and book your preferred option. Our experts will be at your service.


Does Remoovaz provide the services?

Experienced third-party service providers provide all services on our website.


How can I get a quote?

Once you provide the details of your services, our system will instantly generate a price schedule, and you can select the best option that works for you.


How far in advance should I book a service?

You can book a service for the same day however we recommend that you book at least 24 hours before, so you have enough time to plan or make changes if required.


*For peak periods (holidays, weekends, festive periods), we recommend you book as early as possible to ensure your preferred dates are available.


Can I change the details of my booking?

You can change the date and time of your booking 48hours before, without any charges.


Where can I change the date or time of my booking?

You can reschedule your booking from your dashboard.


Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel your booking 48hours before the service date without any charge. Cancellations are made less than 48 hours of the scheduled service date, but more than 24 hours are subject to 50% cancellation fee. Customers will be charged full price for all cancellations done in less than 24 hours of the scheduled service date.


When will I be introduced to the service provider?

If you book in advance; more than 24hours before the scheduled service date, Remoovaz will send you the details of your service provider via email and WhatsApp within 24 hours prior to your service date. For all other bookings less than 24 hours' notice, Remoovaz will send you the details of the service provider as soon as the most suitable service provider is selected.


Does Remoovaz move all items?

Some items are out of our scope of services. Our third-party service providers will not move items that are illegal or dangerous. Due to liability, size, or associated risk, the Customer bears the sole responsibility to declare items that are illegal or dangerous in writing, before including these items in their moving list or selecting a van from Remoovaz website. The service providers and Remoovaz retain the right to reject moving these items and will not be liable for any damages in the case of non-disclosure from the Customer.

Remoovaz does not provide services to transport animals and people. In addition, we will not transport anything that needs to be hoisted over a balcony to be moved.

The Customer agrees to indemnify Remoovaz and the Service provider in full for any claims against us for any penalties, damages or expenses.


Will Remoovaz wrap and Pack items for me?

If you have booked our packing services, then our personal assistants will help you pack your items ready for transport before the scheduled service date and time. Otherwise, you are expected to have packed all items ready for transport before the arrival of our service provider.


Will Remoovaz provide wrapping and packing materials?

Remoovaz will not provide packing materials. You are to provide all packing materials before your personal assistant arrives.


What do I do if I cannot reach my service provider?

Please contact Remoovaz by email or instant live chat on the Remoovaz website.


Can I pay cash?

All payments are done online in the Remoovaz website at the point of booking. Customers cannot pay cash to the service providers.


 Who will pay Congestion or parking fee?

The Customer will pay the congestion charge, emission zone charge, parking charge and tolls.